I’m keeping it simple here – somewhere else in this cornucopia of trans is a longer item which gives you the lowdown on how it all came about, and why, and how – but for now why would I distract you from diving in and discovering the delights of TReasured? I’ve been collecting and treasuring stuff related to trans for decades and one day I was sorting through it all and I had a few thoughts. The first was that it needed some sort of order. The second was that it was wonderfully diverse and full of strange contrasts, - just like the World, of course. And the third thought was that I should share it all somehow, to help people’s understanding. God bless the Arts Council (https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/) – when I asked them to help they said, Yes. It’s a poetics not a proper encyclopaedia, which means that the links between things are through images and there’s no index or alphabet. But you’ll manage, I’m sure, and you will get a lot of poetic experiences, some of them from me. Now that it’s all put in place, of course every day brings new things to include. I will do my best to keep up with it all. And I have plans to invite people to contribute treasured items for inclusion. If any of this interests you and you want to get in touch my address is tr.easuredproject@gmail.com If there are things you don’t like, the same,- don’t go round narking about them. This site has been made with love, so please communicate in the same spirit. And enjoy. MANDY PS - Jess Shannon designed and made the site, Danny Kilbride and I produced the films (the credits will be tagged under "Film") and Andrew Summerton did the image-scanning. Thanks to them. And thanks especially to Metal in Liverpool who gave me the first grant that got me the rest, and for being supportive of me as an artist in residence well beyond the call of duty. PPS - and if you want to know more about me, go to "C'est Moi" on the front page, scan the QR code and, voila! - it's all there. PPPS - Oh, and the picture? I was in Tahiti in 2001 and in the gardens of the Museum of Tahiti I found this stone. The carving seemed to me to be about how the genders are connected in one. I photographed it, and here it is for your interest.
Original Publish Date
07 July 2022
Archived Date
13 March 2023